About Ivy Black

ivy black, yo MY STATS
Name: Ivy Black
Height: 4′11″
Weight: 97lbs
Hair: Brown, long
Eyes: Brown, BIG ; )
Body Decoration: yes I have some ink… you’ll see it all.
Alias: Saucy Aphrodite, Saucy Baby, or just Sauce.
Job Description: Professional Sexy Girl, Provocateur, Entertainer.

Interests: Music, Partying, Ascending, Sex, Smut, Hot Dudes w/ Blue Eyes, My Crew at BurntFilm, My Ass… lol

Why I have a website: I love what I do, I have so much fun being sexy for the camera. This is something I always wanted to do, and I hope to do it for a while…

What type of girl is Ivy Black?: Yes. I’m a dirty girl. I’m a nice girl. I’m an exhibitionist and I like to cause a little mischief sometimes. I make fun, sexy, amateur smut. I do show it all. I flash in public, wear dirty outfits strip naked and paint myself with liquid latex… I also eat whipped cream from the can, down champagne and jars of apple sauce, make PB and J and try out ridiculous outfits… So there’s a mix there… ; )